European Parliament adopts resolution on closer EU-Armenia ties and Armenia-Azerbaijan peace agreement

  • 13.03.2024
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ARMENPRESS.The resolution presented at the plenary session of the European Parliament regarding the need for closer ties between the EU and Armenia and a peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan was adopted with 504 votes in favor, 4 against, and 32 abstentions. According to the Brussels correspondent of Armenpress, in the resolution, the MEPs welcomed and accepted Armenia’s determined desire to strengthen relations with the EU. They called on the executive bodies of the European Union—the European Commission and the European Council—to respond positively to this desire and continue implementing the newly agreed agenda of the EU-Armenia Partnership. The resolution emphasizes the need for active pursuit of ambitious joint cooperation priorities. It also states that it is time to begin a dialogue on visa liberalization with Armenia.

Members of the European Parliament call to consider the possibility of granting Armenia the status of a candidate for EU membership. The MEPs are convinced that if Armenia is interested in applying for candidate status and continuing on its path of sustained reforms consolidating its democracy, it could set the stage for a transformative phase in EU-Armenia relations.

With the adopted resolution, the deputies of the Council of Europe are calling on the EU executive to actively support Armenia in enhancing cooperation with the EU. This support should encompass not only economic partnership but also political dialogue, sectoral integration, and cooperation in the field of security.

It condemns the Azerbaijani military incursions into the internationally recognised territory of Armenia and ongoing occupation of parts of it; reiterates its demand for the withdrawal of Azerbaijan’s troops from the entirety of the sovereign territory of Armenia; rejects and expresses its grave concern regarding the irredentist and inflammatory statements made by the Azerbaijani President and other Azerbaijani officials threatening the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Armenia, including those in connection with demanding the exterritorial corridor linking Azerbaijan to its exclave of Nakhchivan; warns Azerbaijan against any potential military adventurism against Armenia proper; highlights that Azerbaijan’s connectivity issues with its exclave of Nakhchivan should be resolved with full respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Armenia.

The resolution emphasizes that the EU should be prepared to establish a sanctions regime against individuals and organizations that pose a threat to the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Armenia.

The resolution expresses serious concern about the failure to safeguard the cultural, religious and historical heritage of the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh, in violation of the ICJ Order of 7 December 2021; condemns all cases of the destruction, vandalism and desecration of all sites recalling the centuries-long Armenian presence in NagornoKarabakh; calls on the Azerbaijani authorities to preserve, protect and promote the rich and diverse heritage of the region; urges UNESCO to take immediate action to preserve and protect Armenian cultural heritage at risk in Nagorno-Karabakh.

It calls on Azerbaijan to genuinely engage in a comprehensive and transparent dialogue with the Karabakh Armenians to ensure respect for their rights and guarantee their security, including their right to return to and live in their homes in dignity and safety under international presence, to access their land and property rights, to maintain their distinct identity and fully enjoy their civic, cultural, social and religious rights; calls on Azerbaijan to release and commit to broad amnesty for all the inhabitants of Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia who continue to be in Azerbaijani custody; calls for the full, immediate and effective implementation of all the ICJ orders.

The resolution reiterates the European Union’s unequivocal support for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of the borders of Armenia; strongly supports the normalisation of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan based on the principles of mutual recognition of territorial integrity and inviolability of borders based on the 1991 Almaty Declaration, border delimitation based on relevant USSR General Staff maps that have been provided to both sides, and the unblocking of regional communication based on respect for the sovereignty and jurisdiction of both countries, on the basis of reciprocity and equality.

It expresses its support for the resumption of talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan on all pending issues, with the aim of concluding a peace treaty, and calls on both parties to remain fully committed to a lasting and peaceful settlement of the long-standing dispute, through dialogue and negotiations.

The resolution also refers to the tone of statements made by some EU officials and structures who congratulated President Aliyev on his re-election without mentioning the lack of democracy in Azerbaijan. This is particularly concerning given that Azerbaijan is responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh.


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