Aliyev pays 27 million dollars a year for lobbying in the USA. Donald Wilson Bush

  • 10.10.2022
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Donald Wilson Bush, one of the descendants of the 28th US President Woodrow Wilson, founded an association in the USA, the Armenian National Association, whose goal is to unite the Diaspora, support the economic and cultural revitalization of the Republic of Armenia, and make the voice of Armenia and Armenians heard throughout the world.

Today, Donald Wilson Bush addressed the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict on his Facebook live broadcast. He informed that the other day he received videos and photos of atrocities committed by Azeri Muslim soldiers, “incredible barbaric actions”.

“They not only brutally killed the Armenian soldiers, but also filmed the whole process. There were cases when they brutally raped female soldiers and committed a number of other atrocities against them, atrocities that I cannot even describe. When I saw how they committed these atrocities, I realized that I could no longer remain silent. I have to stop being a diplomat and take action to tell the whole world what is happening in the Middle East. I was absolutely not ready to see that reality.”

Bush also spoke about Artsakh, noting that it is a very beautiful country and is historically Armenian. He also spoke about the fact that people in Artsakh have the right to self-determination. He also referred to the course of negotiations, and talked about the means invested in lobbying carried out by Azerbaijan.

“I will show you what Aliyev is doing in the White House. This is a picture of Aliyev’s “loving” organizations. He pays 27 million dollars a year to ensure the work done for him by these organizations. He also talks about the fact that what the Azerbaijani side is doing is a crime against humanity, but the periodicals with a large audience are silent about it. “I have “awakened” and am informing everyone that we will unite people. We will go to the White House, the Congress, the Senate and we will shout about all these problems.”

It should also be noted that Donald Wilson Bush’s wife is Armenian by nationality. He worked as a political consultant for 25 years in Virginia, Washington and California.

By: Kristine Hovhannisyan


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