War Crimes By Azerbaijan Against Armenians Continue as the World Turns a Blind Eye

  • 03.10.2022
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LOS ANGELES, CA, October 2, 2022– Over the course of 17 days, Azerbaijan forces continue to advance in an unprecedented military invasion and illegal occupation of Armenian territory.  Azeri War Crimes: www.azericrimes.com

With each day’s progression in the hostile takeover of internationally recognized sovereign Armenian lands, Azeri troops are using cell phones to video record their participation as perpetrators of barbaric and inhuman acts involving the torture and mutilation of Armenian soldiers they have captured and killed along the way.

“The Armenian National Association is deeply disturbed by these gruesome images,” Donald Wilson Bush, President/CEO of the ANA, commented. “But we are even more disappointed with the torpid and apathetic response of western politicians and leaders in the elite media who received a number of these photographs and videos more than a week ago,” Bush continued.

“Although select members of Congress and major news outlets have all seen evidence of these unspeakable acts of brutality—which, under the Hague Convention’s codification of the customary laws of armed conflict, constitutes clear evidence of war crimes being committed by Azerbaijan forces,” Bush concluded, “So far, western leaders have done nothing to even address these barbaric acts, much less to lift a finger to prevent more of them from occurring in the future.”

Last night at approximately 6:00pm, UTC/GMT-07:00, the ANA received a new video released earlier this week to social media, wherein a group of Armenian soldiers, recently captured in the Armenian territory, were caused to kneel in a small circle on the ground, when Azeri special forces, without any provocation, summarily executed all of them in a burst of gunfire emanating from Russian-made AKA47, Kalashnikov rifles.

The ANA hereby calls upon the four co-chairs of the Congressional Armenian Caucus to issue a report by Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 12:00pm, UTC/GMT-07:00, outlining their immediate plans to introduce an emergency joint resolution to (1) request that the United Nations immediately dispatch international peace-keeping forces to the Syunik Province of Armenia where the invasion by Azari troops is currently taking place, (2) halt all US aid to Azerbaijan, (3) impose the broadest economic sanctions possible against Azerbaijan, (4) recall the U.S. Ambassador from Baku, and (5) expel all Azeri diplomatic personnel from the United States until there is a complete withdrawal of Azerbaijan military forces from the internationally recognized territory of Armenia.

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