HYEDram Stablecoin sponsors Yuri Sakunts to promote Armenia’s strong future

  • 06.09.2022
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September 5, 2022 – YEREVAN, ARMENIA – Today, at approximately 10:45am, at the Ministry of Emergency Situations RA, located at Anastas Mikoyan 109/8, Yerevan, Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan was on hand when Armenian strongman, Yuri Sakunts, successfully pulled 68 Tons with a single digit (his pinky finger). By accomplishing this feat, Sakunts set a New World Record by pulling two fire trucks weighing 37.5 Tons and 2 tourist buses weighing 28 Tons for a linear distance of 10 meters on a flat surface.

Born and raised in Charentsavan City, Kotayk Region, RA, Yuri Sakunts is a native son with deep Armenian heritage. While only a young man, Sakunts began pulling heavy objects as a hobby merely to test his own potential. However, today he continues to do it an ongoing effort to inspire Armenian youth and to demonstrate the psychological power of pursuing one’s potential.

“HYEDram Stablecoin is all about promoting Armenia’s strong future,” said Tiran Antaplian, President/CEO and Co-Founder of HYECoin, Inc. “We are proud to sponsor athletes like Yuri Sakunts as a living reminder that Armenia’s best days are still ahead.”

HYEDram Stablecoin sponsors Yuri Sakunts to promote Armenia’s strong future – September 5, 2022 – YouTube

“When I see Armenian youth who are also motivated to accomplish great things, ”Yuri Sakunts added, “I am very positive about Armenia’s bright future.”

RA President Vahagn Khachaturyan, Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, RA Minister of Internal Affairs, Armen Pambukhchyan, and First Deputy Minister of RA, Artyush Grigoryan were in attendance to encourage Sakunts at today’s event.

HYEDram/HYECoin Inc. (co-founders Tiran Antaplian and Donald Wilson Bush) was joined in financially supporting today’s event by the following groups: King Chip, HIRECLOUT, American Godfather Media, Kingskitchen.la, DiamondStudio and Narek Arshakyan Photography.

HYEDram/HYECoin Inc. is committed to revitalizing the Republic of Armenia by supporting innovative programs that promote community and economic development through education, sportsmanship, medicine, banking and start-up business. HYECoin, Inc. is a force-multiplier in the crypto marketplace with products for the Armenian Diaspora and others focused on generating revenue through transactions with participating companies who agree to settle accounts with customers, vendors, suppliers, and service providers using the HYEDram stablecoin. The goal of HYECoin, Inc. is to significantly impact the growth of the Armenian GDP. HYECoin, Inc. is the first company in the United States to launch a stablecoin pegged to another country’s fiat currency and not the USD$.

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