Palestinian Authority Demands Armenian Patriarch’s Reply

  • 19.06.2022
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JERUSALEM, June 18–The Palestinian Authority’s Higher Presidential Committee of Church Affairs has sent a letter to Patriarch Nourhan Manougian of Jerusalem demanding an explanation for the latter’s questionable real estate transactions (lease or sale) with Israeli interests. Below are the highlights of the letter and the Arabic original of the letter.

—The Cows’ Garden (Armenian-owned “Goveroun Bardez” which the Patriarch has apparently leased to Israeli interests) and its surroundings are sensitive to the Armenian and Christian presence in Jerusalem and their sale/lease to Israeli interests mark the implementation of the Israeli plan that failed to be approved at Camp David in 2000.

—Patriarch Nourhan’s real estate designs have been rejected by the Armenian community of the Holy Land and abroad in detail and in whole. These plans include the sale or lease of Armenian-owned real estate within the Old City of Jerusalem and outside the city walls.

—Patriarch Nourhan’s real estate transactions have been categorically rejected by the Sts. James Brotherhood Council and the Patriarchate’s Synod.

—Patriarch Nourhan’s real estate deals have been rejected by the Palestinian-Jordanian-Armenian tripartite committee. The committee has also demanded their cancellation.

—The Palestinian committee informed Patriarch Nourhan that its letter is the last opportunity for the Patriarch to fully clarify the patriarchate’s covert real estate transactions which have been dubbed dubious.

The Patriarch has ignored previous Palestinian committee letters. The letter doesn’t say what steps the Palestinian Authority will take if the Patriarch is once again unresponsive or his response is unsatisfactory.

Palestinian Authority Demands Armenian Patriarch’s Reply – Keghart



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