Congratulations to AGBU Alumnus Dr. Ardem Patapoutian on Winning Nobel Prize for Medicine

  • 18.03.2022
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The AGBU Central Board was pleased and proud to learn that AGBU Demirdjian School, AGBU Hovagimian-Manougian School and AGBU-AYA alumnus Dr. Ardem Patapoutian won a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his groundbreaking research on temperature and touch.

In his letter personally congratulating the esteemed microbiologist, AGBU President Berge Setrakian wrote, “The entire Armenian Nation feels the pride and satisfaction of one of its own receiving one of the highest honors in the world, based entirely on merit, in the field of medicine.”

As it was widely reported, Dr. Patapoutian traces his upbringing to Lebanon in a very active Armenian community. He continues his involvement now with his family in California. A molecular biologist at Scripps Research in La Jolla, California, Dr. Patapoutian’s discovery of how touch, heat and cold signal the nervous system through a newfound receptor caught the attention of the Nobel Prize. It is believed that this discovery could have tremendous impact on pain management and treatment in the future.

For Armenians everywhere, it is a moment of pure pride. Setrakian noted, “Dr. Patapoutian, we congratulate you on your professional triumph as a Nobel Prize winner. By contributing to the betterment of mankind, you remind the world that the Armenian people, though relatively small in number, are capable of monumental achievements that can improve millions of lives around the world.”

In November 2020, Dr. Patapoutian was featured in the AGBU Insider where he answered questions about his work and its implications for healing. Read more here.

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