Swiss Armenians rally around their umbrella organization

  • 03.06.2024
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On May 7, 2024, the Armenian and Armenophile organizations of Switzerland
held the constituent General Assembly of CAAS (Council of Armenian and
Armenophile Organizations of Switzerland/Conseil des associations
arméniennes et arménophiles de Suisse), whose aim is to represent and
coordinate the Armenian organizations of Switzerland in a unified manner, to
focus on the issue of Armenian identity in Switzerland, and to carry out political,
media and humanitarian projects to preserve the security of the Armenian state,
promoting the rights of Armenians, wherever they may be, and their cultural
heritage. The promotion of justice for the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh
remains central.
The Council is the fruit of a long process that began during the war in NagornoKarabakh in autumn 2020. The need to speak with one voice to international public
opinion soon emerged. The CAAS currently brings together 13 organizations, to which
others will soon be added. The Board, whose members are Ms Lerna Bagdjian (AGBU
Young Professionals-YP Geneva), Mr Vicken Bayramian (Armenian General
Benevolent Union-AGBU Switzerland), Ms Caroline Babayéguidian (AGBU Young
Professionals-YP Zurich) and Mr Alain Navarra de Borgia (Hyestart), will be chaired by
Mr Sarkis Shahinian (Association Suisse-Arménie, GSA).
The constitution of the CAAS, whose management is intended to be cyclical and
collegial, will enable all member associations to assume the responsibilities of the
Council. Three commissions (Policy, Media & Advocacy and Cultural Heritage) will
support the work of the Board.
“We are aware of the importance of our role for Armenians in Switzerland as well as
around the world, particularly in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. Our actions will be
guided solely by the demands, tenacity and interests of the Armenian people; they will
be both ambitious and realistic, and will be discussed, approved and carried out in a
collegial manner. We will also be guided by the values of the Armenian diaspora and
of Switzerland. Our actions will be dedicated to youth development and the future,
without forgetting our cultural heritage, of which we are the attentive guardians”,
emphasized CAAS President Sarkis Shahinian.

The constituent associations of CAAS are:
AGBU Young Professionals Geneva, AGBU Young Professionals Zurich, Armenian
General Benevolent Union (AGBU) – Switzerland, Armenischer Verein Zürich (AVZ),
Artzakank-Echo, Association Avetis, Association Santé Arménie Suisse, Association
Suisse-Arménie (GSA), Ecole Arménienne de Lausanne, Hyestart, Komitas Action
Suisse-Arménie (KASA), Miassine, Union Arménienne de Suisse (UAS)


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