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  • 26.04.2024
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Artsakh’s professional actors, all of whom have been forcefully displaced from their ancestral lands, are currently rehearsing the play, “An Enemy of the People,” by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, under the leadership of director and producer Karine Kocharian. The play is expected to premiere in late June in Yerevan. The cast consists exclusively of actors from Artsakh. 

The Armenian government does not provide any financial assistance and thus this theatre troupe must rely on the donations and support of individuals to bring this new production to the stage.

Your generous financial support will help pay the salaries for the cast and ensure the continued work of these professional Artsakh actors living in Yerevan. 

“An Enemy of the People” will be the second production by Karine Kocharian with these Artsakh actors. In April 2021, Karine relocated to Artsakh for six months to rehabilitate Artsakh’s theatre, which was in a destitute state following the recent war. During that period, she directed the theatre’s production of “Three Apples Fell from the Sky.” 

The performance premiered with remarkable success in Artsakh, followed by tours in Armenia, four European countries – France, Belgium, Germany, and Austria  – Moscow, and, in October 2023, the United States with performances in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

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