An unlawful eviction was initiated by Israeli Police on the grounds of the Cow’s Garden (Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem)

  • 03.04.2024
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Today, on April 3rd, 2024 around 11 o’clock, an unlawful eviction was initiated by Israeli Police on the grounds of the Cow’s Garden located within the premises of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The eviction began with the destruction of Armenian Patriarchate property, and assaults on clergy and indigenous Armenians.

The officer leading the eviction was Assaf Harel.

The group of officers were asked to present permits for the eviction, the destruction of property, and physical removal of priests and indigenous Armenians from the premises.

Permits or court orders were NOT presented and they continued to protect and assist the representatives of Xana Gardens in their destruction of property. During attempts to stop the unlawful activity, several members of the police continued to state that they have come with permits without ever presenting them.

We were met with a continued response “We are here to defend the rights of the workers of Xana Gardens.”

The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem is one of the Custodians of the Holy Land and overseers of one of the four Quarters of Jerusalem. We fully expect the due process that is purportedly granted to all within Jerusalem and demand answers from the Israeli Police and the Israeli Government for their participation in today’s events.

It is clear that today’s provocations are an attempt to set a precedent against the Armenian Quarter and its lawful lands. We will continue to stand our ground and ask for Christians worldwide to spotlight these never-ending encroachments on the peaceful Armenian Christian community.



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