Armenia Artsakh Fund Donated Over $1 Billion of Aid to Armenia in Last 34 years

  • 08.10.2023
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Glendale — Armenia Artsakh Fund (AAF), a charity based in Los Angeles, has achieved the unprecedented milestone of shipping over one billion dollars of humanitarian assistance to Armenia and Artsakh in the last 34 years.

Currently, AAF is in the midst of making arrangements to send emergency aid specifically directed to the over 100,000 refugees in Armenia displaced from Artsakh.

In the first nine months of 2023 alone, AAF shipped to Armenia and Artsakh $34 million of medicines ($30 million to Armenia and $4 million to Artsakh).

All AAF medical shipments are required to obtain in advance the approval of Armenia’s Ministry of Health, which selects the medicines it wants to receive, specifying the quantity and the acceptable expiration dates, and issues the import license.

Ever since 1989, along with its predecessor the United Armenian Fund, AAF shipped to Armenia and Artsakh over one billion dollars of humanitarian aid, mostly medicines, on board 158 cargo planes and 2,566 sea containers.

“The Armenia Artsakh Fund is regularly offered free of charge millions of dollars of life-saving medicines and medical supplies. All AAF has to do is pay for the shipping expenses. We welcome your generous donations to be able to continue delivering this valuable assistance to all medical centers in Armenia,” stated Harut Sassounian, the President of AAF.

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