Restore free movement along the Lachin Corridor and ensure the rapid and unimpeded delivery of humanitarian assistance in Nagorno-Karabakh

  • 28.08.2023
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Strasbourg, 28 August 2023 – “I remain seriously concerned about the humanitarian situation in Nagorno-Karabakh and the human rights of its population following the blocking of the road running through the Lachin Corridor since December 2022. I reiterate the call I made at that time to restore free movement along that road” said today Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović. 

“Despite my calls and those of numerous other international stakeholders, the humanitarian and human rights situation in the area has reportedly further deteriorated, affecting particularly the most vulnerable, due to the prolonged disruption in the movement of people and access to food supplies and urgent medical care. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which is for the moment the only international humanitarian organisation operating across the Lachin Corridor, indicated that the population was facing a lack of life-saving medication and essentials.

The relevant stakeholders should immediately find a solution to avoid any further deterioration of the very dangerous situation the local population is facing and guarantee safe and free passage to those providing humanitarian assistance and those ensuring human rights protection. As indicated in my 2021 Memorandum, efforts should be made by Armenia and Azerbaijan to move forward on the path towards reconciliation and ensure lasting peace for all people.

I confirm my commitment and readiness to engage with all the relevant interlocutors and to travel to Nagorno Karabakh to assist in overcoming the existing human rights challenges.”


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