Statement of the Security Council of the Republic of Artsakh

  • 23.04.2023
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Emphasizing that the entire people of Artsakh believed in the Tripartite declaration of November 9, 2020, and the security guarantees provided by the Russian Federation, returned to the Motherland and began building a normal life,

Noting that Azerbaijan has violated various provisions of the Tripartite Declaration many times since its signing, killing residents of Artsakh, occupying new territories, and, since December 12, 2022, keeping the people of Artsakh under blockade for 133 days, without electricity supply for 104 days, and without gas supply for 67 days,

Welcoming the positions repeatedly expressed by the Russian leadership regarding the continuity and strength of security guarantees for the people of Artsakh, as well as the unacceptability of the establishment of an Azerbaijani check point in the Lachin Corridor,

Considering absolutely unacceptable the blocking of the Lachin Corridor connecting Artsakh with Armenia, which is under the responsibility of the Russian peacekeeping troops, and the installation of a checkpoint there by Azerbaijan on April 23,

Noting that with that step, the people of Artsakh have finally become hostage in the hands of Azerbaijan, with an increasing risk of ethnic cleansing, and the further operation of the Tripartite Declaration is seriously threatened,

We appeal to the parties of the Tripartite Declaration, and especially the Russian Federation, to immediately start discussions on lifting the blockade of Artsakh, preventing the establishment of an Azerbaijani check point and providing real guarantees for the security of the people of Artsakh.

We expect effective steps to solve the security and humanitarian problems facing the people of Artsakh in the shortest possible time, the absence of which will allow the authorities and the people of Artsakh to decide what to do next.


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