“Love opera arias & romances” in London

  • 23.03.2023
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Klingen Choir and Cultural Association in cooperation with the Embassy of Armenia in the United Kingdom and St Cuthbert’s Church has taken the opportunity to present the concert “Love Opera Arias & Romances”.

The event took place in St Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court, Kensington, London on Saturday 18th March 2023.

Masterpieces by Armenian and European composers were performed by internationally acclaimed professional musicians Shoghig Torossian – soprano from Lebanon who specially came to London for this event for the 1st time, Sipan Olah –British Armenian tenor & conductor, Maria Palazian – British Armenian pianist, Klingen String Quartet Paula Izabella Gorbaņova violin, Polina Sharafyan violin, Elizabeth Tobald viola, Erlend Vestby cello.

The concert started with an opening speech by Reverend Father Paul Begot of St Cuthbert’s church.

Solo songs “Doves” and “Motherland” by Armenian composer Geghuni Chtchyan performed by Shoghig Torossian, Sipan Olah, and Maria Palazian opened the musical programme.

After these performances, Klingen String Quartet joined the three soloists and they performed the arias “Willow tree”, “High Mountains” and “Anush and Saro duet” from the opera “Anush” by Armen Tigranyan. 

The next pieces performed were “Il Bacio” “A kiss” waltz by L.Arditi and Aria Juliette “Je veux vivre” from the opera “Romeo and Juliette’ by Ch.Gounod by soprano Shoghig Torossian with the instrumental ensemble.

The arias “Yours Is My Heart Alone” from the operetta “Das Land des Lächelns” by F.Lehar, “All the things you are” from the musical “Very warm for May” by J.Kern were performed by tenor Sipan Olah and the instrumental ensemble.

The piece “Yerevan 2800” by Araik Gevorgyan, arranged for solo piano and string quartet by Maria Palazian was premiered at the event and was one of the highlights of the evening greeted by the audience with excitement and loud applauds.

“Karine’s romance” from the “Karine” operetta by T.Choukhajian and “Yerevan” waltz by A. Ayvazian were brilliantly performed by Shoghig Torossian accompanied by the Klingen String Quartet and pianist Maria Palazian. 

Romances “Until” by W.Sanderson and “Parlami D’Amore, Mariu!” by C.Bixio were passionately performed by tenor Sipan Olah together with the instrumental ensemble making the audience emotional.

The concert was concluded with duets Habrban” by Komitas, Lippen schweigen” from operetta “Merry Widow” by F.Lehar and “Non ti scordar di me” “Don’t forget me” by E.Curtis performed by splendid soloists Shoghig and Sipan with the accompaniment of amazing pianist Maria Palazian and the Klingen String Quartet .

All vocal music scores were arranged for this ensemble by Sipan Olah.

There were special guests from 6 embassies, Reverend Fathers from the Armenian and Anglican churches, Members of the British Parliament, directors and representatives of British, Armenian and international cultural associations and communities.



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