European Union and Armenia hold their first Political and Security Dialogue

  • 27.01.2023
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The first high-level Armenia-EU Political and Security Dialogue took place on 26 January 2023 in Yerevan, co-chaired by Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Armenia Vahe Gevorgyan and Deputy Secretary General/Political Director of the European External Action Service Enrique Mora.

The one-day meeting reflected the interest of both sides to take forward political dialogue and cooperation in the area of foreign and security policy, as a further important step in Armenia-EU relations.

The parties reviewed key security issues for Armenia, the EU and the wider region, in particular challenges to European security, as well as issues related to the normalisation of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, including the growing humanitarian concerns related to the obstruction of free movement in the Lachin corridor.

“Armenia is pleased to host the 1st Armenia-EU Political and Security Dialogue which is an important framework for discussing a wide range of issues related to international and regional security. Armenia looks forward to strong cooperation with the EU Mission in Armenia in monitoring the international borders of Armenia. Armenia values all mediation and facilitation activities aimed at building peace and security, which is essential to ensure the territorial integrity of Armenia, the rights and security of Armenian population in Nagorno-Karabakh,” said Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Armenia Vahe Gevorgyan.

“The EU is making significant efforts at the highest level to contribute to comprehensive normalisation of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. We have just established a civilian EU Mission in Armenia, which aims to contribute to increased stability on the ground, human security and confidence-building. The first ever Armenia-EU Political and Security Dialogue launched today demonstrates our mutual interest in enhancing cooperation on foreign and security policy issues, and readiness to work together for the benefit of peace, security and stability, especially in the current challenging international context marked by the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine,” said EEAS Deputy Secretary-General Enrique Mora.

The meeting confirmed the commitment of Armenia and the EU to work towards the South Caucasus that is secure, stable, peaceful and prosperous for the benefit of all people living in the region. In this regard, the parties discussed the upcoming deployment of the civilian CSDP mission established by the EU Foreign Affairs Council earlier this week. Through its activities and reports to the EU leadership, the EUMA will also contribute to efforts undertaken in the framework led by the President of the European Council Charles Michel.

In the comprehensive exchange of views, the participants in the Dialogue also discussed the situation in the wider region, including the process of normalisation of relations between Armenia and Turkey, as well as issues relating to hybrid threats and other security-related matters.

Meetings of the Armenia-EU Political and Security Dialogue will be held regularly, in principle on a yearly basis.


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