The largest Armenian language contest in the world, Meghu, is open to participants from the Diaspora

  • 07.12.2022
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 The massive competition Meghu, which gathers young people around the Armenian language, is now open to students from the Diaspora. This annual educational celebration is intended for all students of grades 3-12 from the RA, Artsakh and the Diaspora, regardless of their academic performance, level of knowledge of Armenian, and residence.

The Ayb Educational Foundation has developed this competition to cultivate love and care for the Armenian language, which is the key to national identity among generations.

  • The contest will be held online.
  • Competition days: December 19 (Diaspora), December 26 and 27 (RA and Artsakh)
  • Registration deadlines: December 16 (Diaspora), December 20 (RA and Artsakh)
  • Competition platform:
  • All details are on the Ayb contests website.

Meghu offers logical and linguistic tasks adapted to the age and educational characteristics of students. Because of the differences in the number of hours allocated to the study of the Armenian language, the tasks designed for the Diaspora students are much simpler than those in the RA stage of the contest.

The realization of this mission, contributing to the further development and promotion of the Armenian language, would be impossible without the valuable support of our benefactors and partners. This year Ayb hosts the Meghu contest in a new format, enabling a larger number of students to participate. To ensure the continuing impact of these changes, a donation campaign to Meghu is underway, which can be joined at Any donation will contribute to the development of the Meghu contest and to our efforts in providing the best experience for young people. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email:

The Meghu—Armenian for All contest has been organized in Armenia since 2014. In 2019, it expanded its scope to Armenian communities all over the world. Giving the project an international character and transferring it to an online platform, Ayb intends to increase the number of children who have love and interest in the Armenian language, especially those who reside in various countries far from their motherland, and to demonstrate the importance of preserving the Armenian language.


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