Salzburg University offering grants for research on cultural-spiritual heritage of Artsakh

  • 09.07.2022
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The Armenian studies Division at the University of Salzburg Center for the Study of the Christian East has launched a new scholarship category, the ‘Research Grants for Armenian Studies focusing on the cultural-spiritual heritage of Artsakh.’

The goal is to encourage young researchers to study topics related to the cultural and art history of Artsakh, with particular emphasis on the material and immaterial cultural heritage.

The maximum amount to be applied for is EUR 3,000.

Close cooperation with the Armenian Studies Division in Salzburg is desired and would be much appreciated; short-term stays in Salzburg can be organized within the framework of the granted scholarship.

New MA and PhD projects are particularly eligible and considered for funding.

The application period for the ‘Research Grants for Armenian Studies focusing on the cultural-spiritual heritage of Artsakh’ will started on 1 July and run until 1 October, 2022.

 What topics are covered?

  • Any aspect of Armenian studies (language, history, culture, art, theology, ethnography, archaeology etc.) focusing on the cultural-spiritual heritage of Artsakh, which is generally understudied, with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary methods and approaches. Proposals from the following sub-disciplines in Armenian studies are particularly welcomed: general, historical and comparative linguistics, areal linguistics, contact linguistics, dialectology; ethnography; art and architecture; manuscript studies/codicology; archaeology, medieval history and early modern History; history of sciences; theology, religious studies and other closely related disciplines.
  • Projects must be based on original research, archival work or fieldwork, and must be informed by current scientific approaches and theories.
  • Projects must have a clear output as a scientific publication.
  • The language of the application shall be English. The output(s) of the project must be written in English or any Western language; but the project itself can be in Armenian or any other language (e.g. Russian, German, Italian, etc.).

 Who may apply?

  • Graduates, Master students and Phds of the above-mentioned disciplines of any recognized university with already proven experience in independent scientific work (academic qualification work, publications, teaching, lectures), maximum age 35.

A cost breakdown, a time schedule and work plan, as well as an exposé of the research concept must be submitted with the requested documents.

Detailed information such as application guidelines and basic requirements can be found below


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