HYECoin, Inc. invites conversation among venture capitalist firms open to funding startup tech and crypto projects 

  • 14.06.2022
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New York, New York, June 9, 2022— As the first company domiciled in the USA with full SEC compliance to launch a stablecoin not pegged to the USD$, HYECoin, Inc. is open to collaboration with venture capital firms and other individuals who understand the growth potential of cryptocurrency in general.

Pursuing leads this week, HYECoin, Inc. President/CEO, Tiran Antaplian and HYECoin, Inc. investor and advisory board member, Greg Khachatryan met with Alexey Girin, Founder & Partner at Starta Ventures to discuss the possibility of funding startup businesses in the Republic of Armenia tied to the rollout of HYEDram stablecoin early next year.

The trio connected in Gramercy Park, Manhattan at the Starta Accelerator Spring 2022 Investor Showcase organized by Starta Ventures.

“Nothing succeeds like success, and Starta Ventures has helped dozens of startups to succeed in raising early stage investment capital in the USA, Germany and Russia,” Tiran Antaplian commented. “It’s encouraging to know that innovators like Starta Ventures are open to discussing investment dollars going to fund startup ventures in the emerging tech and crypto space presently taking shape in Armenia.”

Headquartered in New York City, Starta Ventures unites under its brand an early-stage investment fund, acceleration program, and co-working space. Starta’s mission is to break through traditional venture capital barriers to empower the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

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