HYECoin, Inc. seeks to define the future of Crypto peer-to-peer exchange

  • 31.05.2022
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Glendale CA, May 28, 2022— As the first company domiciled in the USA with full SEC compliance to
launch a stablecoin not pegged to the USD$, HYECoin, Inc. entertains potential partnership with
new crypto tech firm to develop innovative, peer-to-peer mobile authentication technology that
can support the transfer of HYEDram stablecoin from one user to another.

After an initial meet and greet earlier this week in Manhattan with HYECoin, Inc. President/CEO,
Tiran Antaplian,
AUTHTECH co-founder and COO, Wenhao Yang flew to Los Angeles with AUTHTECH
Chief Revenue Officer Bruce McCalley to attend the 2022 Startup Expo where new businesses that
are currently disrupting existing industries can showcase and introduce their unique innovations.

HYECoin, Inc.’s west coast corporate team, lead by co-founder Donald Wilson Bush and tech advisor
Gor Gevorkyan, met with AUTHTECH’s team on Thursday evening in the expo’s crowded roof-top
exhibit space at 1027 Wilshire Blvd to beta test the new technology in real time.

“Finding forward thinking companies like AUTHTECH with innovative solutions for the crypto space
while they still have an appreciation and respect for best practices associated with real markets in
the real world are invaluable,” Donald Wilson Bush commented.

On Friday morning, both teams met with the Honorable Ardashes “Ardy” Kassakhian, Mayor of
Glendale, California, an innovative city energized with the indefatigable Armenian spirit where the
HYECoin, Inc. project was first conceived in a coffee shop on N. Brand Boulevard back in 2017.

AUTHTECH, is a Manhattan-based app developer that uses blinking light signals from camera flash
to prove a user’s authority. The three-year-old start-up has set out to meet the increasing need for
a safer authentication solution across different industries including e-commerce, mobile payments
and healthcare among others. AUTHTECH uses a patented LiFi technology to allow device-to-device
communication through flashlight signals and offers an unhackable and highly compatible solution
that can be applied across different operating systems, devices, and industries.



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