The Azerbaijani authorities are inciting religious enmity at the state level

  • 06.02.2022
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    How, for example, can they explain the famous Decree of the founder of Islam, Muhammad, which he adopted in 626AD after the visit of the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem Abraham and his 40 delegates, and by this he extended his protection to the Holy Tomb of Christ, churches and monasteries in “Jerusalem, Damascus and Arab regions”, including the St. Hakobyants Monastery in Jerusalem, educational institutions and property. It was preserved later.Historical facts prove the respect of our people, as well as the respect of the Armenian Church for Islam and other religions, starting from the countries with Islam.With many peoples of the Islamic world Armenians have lived as friends for centuriesThis policy of the Azerbaijani authorities incites hostility towards Armenians living in countries where they profess Islam. This incites enmity between nations.In Artsakh, for example, the Upper and Inner Mosques of Shushi remained standing and preserved, the Upper Mosque and the building of the madrasa, a caring school, were completely renovated, and a park was built. There is a functioning mosque in Yerevan.Instead, the Azerbaijani armed forces destroyed and desecrated the Ghazanchetsots և Kanach Zham churches in Shushi, destroyed the Zoravor Surb Astvatsatsin Church in Mekhakavan in Artsakh, or desecrated the St. Yeghishe Church in Mataghis, destroyed Armenian khachkars in Shush, Hadrut. The St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church in Baku has been desecrated, turned into a library archive, the cross has been lowered from the dome, there is no tabernacle, the tombstones that were adjacent to the church have been destroyed.Currently, everything is being done at the state level to change the belonging of Armenian churches and monasteries.This policy is already manifested in the new forms of torture of Armenian captives with regard to their religion.Therefore, these Azerbaijani statements are absolutely false, they have political motives, and are very dangerous for peace.All these facts are presented in details in this report of the RA Human Rights Defender published 2 days ago and in this press conference.The link to the report:…/3101f60c869b0f378dbc737b002e5054…Arman TatoyanThe Human Rights Defender of Armenia


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