Azat Ordukhanyan. Armenians in Germany pledge actions, if Azeri aggression continues

  • 04.03.2016
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Instead of chiding aggressor Azerbaijan, the German Foreign Minister is issuing blurred statements, President of the Union of Armenian Academicians of Germany Azat Ordukhanyan said, speaking to Public Radio of Armenia. He said the German press is also working unprofessionally.

“No German media outlets work on the ground. They all report about the situation referring to German agencies, present copied texts. Although the reports are not anti-Armenian, they blame ‘both sides,’ which is unfair and non-professional,” he said.

“The German Armenians are in a fighting spirit. If things continue this way, we’ll not leave the Azerbaijani and Turkish Embassies and Consulates calm. We’ll give a worthy response, at least on a local level. They should be held accountable for the life of every Armenian young man lost,” Ordukhanyan said.

He said Turkish President Erdona’s statement should also be criticized. “Turks must be aware that if they intend to stand by Azerbaijan, the 10-million Armenian Diaspora is ready to support brothers in Armenia and Artsakh.”


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