19 March, 2018
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The Armenian Genocide Will Have a Space in the Museum of the Memory of Rosario, Argentina

28 April, 2017 | 19:03

(Agencia Prensa Armenia).- On April 24 the Museum of the Memory of Rosario, Argentina, inaugurated apermanent space on Armenian Genocide.

The Museum of the Memory (Museo de la Memoria) was opened in 1998 to promote access to knowledge and research on the situation of human rights and political memory of Argentina and Latin America. The patrimony includes material about human rights violations in Latin America and the world, particularly on the actions of state terrorism during the last military dictatorship in Argentina.

The exhibition shows the research work of the Armenian Chair of the National University of Rosario. During the inauguration, sponsored by the Armenian Embassy in Argentina and Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, a number of students were present. Viviana Nardoni, director of the Museum of the Memory, Vice-President of the National University of Rosario Fabian Biccireand Nicolas Sabuncuyan, director of the Armenian National Committee of Argentina also attended the inauguration.

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