18 October, 2018
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Serj Tankian warns against Monsanto operation in Armenia

11 November, 2017 | 22:25

Armenian-American singer-songwriter, soloist of the metal band System of a Down, activist Serj Tankian has warned Armenia against Monsanto operation in the country’s agriculture sector, for cultivating genetically engineered seeds, which is claimed to alter the natural make-up of seeds to make crops resistant to pesticides and herbicides.
“Armenia please stay free and clear of Monsanto. There is ample proof that Monsanto’s sprays have poisoned our environment contributing drastically to dy- ing off of bees. Their predatory genetically modified products spell the end of pure organic foods. They are bad for you and taste horrible to say the least.,” Tankian wrote on his Facebook page.
To remind, days ago the US Embassy in Armenia announced organized a business conference focused on Armenia’s agriculture sector with a goal to con- nect Armenian companies involved in the sector with the expertise, products, and technology of well-known U.S. companies Valmont and Monsanto. The Embassy informed Valmont and Monsanto sent representatives to the conference to present their products and services and to learn about business opportunities in Armenia.
Tankian suggested that Monsanto is known as “an evil corporation in the US and Europe” for all their practices. “When I’m in Armenia and bite into an apple, it’s pure, crisp and delicious. From thousands of years of agriculture and cultivation. Let it remain so, please. I can’t find apples like that in the US thanks
to Monsanto,” Tankian wrote.

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