14 December, 2018
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New green energy project launched in Armenian capital of Yerevan

27 June, 2018 | 19:17

The new EU-supported project ‘EU for Yerevan Solar Community’ was launched in the Armenian capital on 7 June. The project will be implemented under the umbrella of the EU-funded Covenant of Mayors Demonstration Projects (CoM-DeP). The Deputy Mayor of Yerevan said that energy efficiency became a priority for the municipal authorities and the cooperation with the EU in this regard is very important.

The project foresees the installation of solar panels on the rooftops of 90 apartment blocks, which will generate green energy to cover the needs of the inhabitants. It is also foreseen that traditional public lighting will be changed for modern energy efficient ones, which will ensure additional energy savings.

CoM-DeP are part of the EU4Energy initiative. EU4Energy covers all EU support to improve energy supply, security and connectivity, as well as to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewables in the Eastern Partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine). It does this by financing projects and programmes that help to reform energy markets and to reduce national energy dependence and consumption. In the long term, this makes energy supply more reliable, transparent and affordable, thus reducing energy poverty and energy bills for both citizens and the private sector.

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