16 December, 2018
Կյանքը գնում է, ՕՐԵՐՆ են մնում     Život běží, DNY zůstávají.     Life passes, DAYS remain     Жизнь проходит, ДНИ остаются

In October 2017, Charles Aznavour and his sister, Aida, were bestowed the Raoul Wallenberg Medal

03 October, 2018 | 12:35

The award ceremony took place at the official residence of the President of the State of Israel, HE Mr. Reuven Rivlin

Charles Aznavour, one of the greatest music performers in the world, has mesmerized audiences in the last six decades.

Few knew that during the dark days of WWII, when Paris was under Nazi occupation, his parents Mischa and Knar were part of the Resistance and offered their modest flat in Paris as temporary shelter to Jews, Armenians and others who were persecuted by the Germans. Charles and Aida were young people at that time, and have fully contributed to these heroic feats.

In recognition to the Aznavour family, the Board of the IRWF resolved to bestow the Raoul Wallenberg Medal to Aida and Charles. The ceremony was hosted by the President of Israel, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, at his official residence, in October 2017.

Following the news of Mr. Aznavour’s passing, the Board of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation issued a statement: “Charles Aznavour was a remarkable artist and a unique human being who devoted his life to support humanitarian causes. During the Holocaust, he, together with his sister Aida and his parents, Knar and Mischa, had risked their own lives to protect others.

The IRWF mourns Charles Aznavour’s passing. We are proud to have known him and we shall do our utmost to keep his legacy alive. He will always be a source of inspiration to all of us”.

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