22 October, 2018
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Manuals Developed for Hospitality Industry SMEs and Sub-Grant Program Presented in Dilijan

16 May, 2018 | 16:58

On May 16, 2018, the launch of three manuals developed and published within the framework of the Dilijan and Adjacent Communities Development Initiative project was organized.

The Dilijan and Adjacent Communities Development Initiative project, since 2017 with co-funding by the European Union and the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development is implemented by the IDeA Foundation. The project aims to boost the tourist attractiveness of Dilijan and adjacent communities, including Hovk, Aghavnavank, Khachardzan, Gosh, Haghartsin and Teghut, increase the number of tourists to the region, thus boosting local economies and creating new employment opportunities in the region.

Within the framework of the initiative, from this year onwards the implementing partners – IDeA Foundation and the BSC Business Support Center, organize capacity building and strengthening courses in tourism, hospitality, arts and crafts to enhance the tourism and hospitality industries and infrastructures in the region, which are intended for residents of Dilijan and adjacent communities, as well as create new jobs and business opportunities for the locals.

“First and foremost, the project aims to support community development by creating new jobs. The capacity building courses currently underway in Dilijan serve this very purpose. These courses are organized by our partner company BSC Business Support Center. Within the framework of the courses, it is planned to train around 330 participants, and the best among them will be provided job placement assistance,” said Tatevik Sargsyan, Project Manager of Dilijan and Adjacent Communities Development Initiative, during the event.

Over 100 people from Dilijan and adjacent communities have already participated in capacity development courses in the tourism and hospitality industries. They were invited to attend the event held at the Dilijan Municipality. During the event they were given for free the newly released manual-guides, among them Starting and Managing a Guesthouse Business, Guest Service in the Hospitality Industry and Guesthouse Service Improvement Forms and Checklists. By the way, the three guides are available for free at the Dilijan Community Center.

“Course participants that aim to start their own business or already have small and medium enterprises can also participate in the business management courses and design or develop new business programs receiving specialized consultancy support. We believe that these manual-guides will help enhance the quality of service that organizations and individuals operating in the hospitality and tourism industries provide to visitors, thus developing their business initiatives,” said BSC Director Samvel Gevorgyan.

During the event, the procedure and terms for the competition of the sub-grants announced earlier within the framework of the Dilijan and Adjacent Communities Development Initiative were also presented to the course participants and guests.

The sub-grants program plans to render financial assistance to boost entrepreneurial activity and create new jobs in Dilijan and adjacent communities – Hovk, Aghavnavank, Khachardsan, Gosh, Haghartsin and Teghut. The program will foster the economic development of Tavush Marz, and particularly, Dilijan Community, and will bring to migration reduction. The program plans to provide 20 sub-grants that will contribute to creating sustainable jobs.

During the event, Dilijan Mayor Armen Santrosyan noted that Dilijan has enormous tourism potential and the project implemented by the IDeA Foundation with a co-funding from the EU and the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development is highly important to explore and realize that potential. The mayor particularly stressed the new jobs the project will create for Dilijan Community residents underlining that the sub-grants program will serve as a significant incentive.

About the project

Dilijan and Adjacent Communities Development Initiative aims at promoting Dilijan and adjacent communities as a tourism destination and increasing the number of visitors in the region, thus boosting local economies and increasing employment.

At least 330 people and 120 enterprises will benefit from the project and 50 direct employment opportunities will be created within the framework of this project.

A Touristic Information Center (TIC) will be established in Dilijan and will become the central point of all tourist and recreational activities in the region. Through the project, the hiking trails in Dilijan National Park will be refurbished and Dilijan City Market, Agro Pavilion as well as Arts and Crafts Center will be created to cater to both locals and visitors.

The project plans to provide financial support under sub-grants to enterprises willing to create additional employment opportunities for residents of Dilijan and adjacent communities.



The total project budget makes EUR 1,195,000 with the EU contribution amounting to EUR 780,000.

For more details please contact Public Relations Manager of Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation Yekaterina Poghosyan, on working days 9:00-18:00, tel. 060 700 800 (*136), e-mail՝







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