15 November, 2018
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GAIFF Pro Film Industry Development Platform

20 June, 2018 | 18:52

Golden Apricot International Film Festival affiliated GAIFF Pro Film Industry Development Platform held a press conference on June 20, 12:00 at AGBU Armenia conference hall, during which the speakers presented the finalist projects of the C2C Regional Co-Production Market and the future activities that will be held in the frames of the program.

The speakers of the press conference were Talar Kazanjian, AGBU Armenia Executive Director; Melik Karapetyan,  Head of GAIFF Pro, Susanna Harutyunyan, Director of the Golden Apricot International Film Festival and Seda Grigoryan, GAIFF Pro Coordinator.

The final list of the C2C Project and Work-In-Progress Markets’ participants is here! We received 33 film projects and 10 Work-In-Progress films from 4 countries of the Lesser Caucasus region – Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Iran. The international selection committee has assessed the applications and selected 3 film projects from each country, 1 WIP film from Iran and 2 WIP films from each of the other 3 countries.

The participants will have a chance to meet with invited international professionals during the Market week from July 9 – 13, where they will present their films in order to secure funding and establish partnerships for future production.

Selected projects are:

Ali’s Nature, Levent Cetin (Turkey)

As long as heaven allows, Tamara Stepanyan (Armenia)

Death of Sohrab, Masoud Soheili (Iran)

The Driver, Lusine Sargsyan (Armenia)

H-easter-ics, Sopio Chincharauli (Georgia)

The Hope, ​Orhan Ince (Turkey)

The Shadow, Lilit Movsisyan (Armenia)

Silent House, Farnaz Jurabchian, Mohammadreza Jurabchian (Iran)

Story of Shoushy, Behdad Avand Amini (Iran)

Veggie Garden in The Conflict Zone, Besik Solomanashvili (Georgia)

The Voice of Good, Fırat Yağız Zafer (Turkey)

Wind Has Blown — A Middle aged woman had a thought about her silk Scarf, Alexandre Koberidze (Georgia)

Selected Work-in-Progress films are:


Death of the Black Horses, Ferit Karahan (Turkey)

The Drummer, Konstantine (Kote) Kalandadze (Georgia)

I’m Also Here, Kıvılcım Akay (Turkey)

The Road, Vahan Setoyan, Ruben Ghazaryan (Armenia)

Stalin Today, Ketevan Nozadze (Georgia)

Team 12, Silva Khnkanosian (Armenia)

Women who run with the wolves, Amir athar Soheili (Iran)


During the press conference, the speakers will also present the summary of the CineThink training program for the local filmmakers and the future programs aiming at developing their film projects.


The authors of the selected 11 Projects have been participating in CineThink trainings since April.

On June 30, 2018 at 12:00 at AGBU 2nd floor hall the Public Presentation and Fundraising campaign will take place where the attendees will have a chance to learn about these projects and also help the local filmmakers with their donations. You can learn more about the event by clicking here.

C2C Regional Co-Production Market is implemented with the support of the US Embassy Yerevan’s Democracy Commission Small Grant Program.

CineThink program is funded by the European Union in the framework of Bridge of CSOs programme.


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