13 November, 2018
Կյանքը գնում է, ՕՐԵՐՆ են մնում     Život běží, DNY zůstávají.     Life passes, DAYS remain     Жизнь проходит, ДНИ остаются

EU-supported forum discussed better cooperation between science and industry in Armenia

23 October, 2018 | 15:49

Around 200 scientists and researchers gathered in the Armenian capital of Yerevan in mid-October to discuss better cooperation between science and industry in the country.

The event focused on the topics of quantum computing, machine learning, microelectronics, information security, computer vision and renewable energy. The participants also discussed the future of fundamental and applied research in Armenia.

Speakers emphasised the need to strengthen the link between science and research and industry, in order to raise awareness on the business potential and capacities of scientific and research institutes, and to raise awareness in society about high-tech and innovation developments.

The two-day conference sought to serve as a platform to address significant scientific topics, by bringing together scientists, young researchers, industry leaders, tech companies and other interested parties.

The conference was organised by the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia and supported by the EU through its Support to SME Development in Armenia (EU-SMEDA) project.

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