24 June, 2018
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EU project helps Armenia’s labour migrants convert their potential into activities back home

23 February, 2018 | 23:46

Around 30 State Employment Agency (SEA) experts from two regions of Armenia gathered for a training seminar last week to learn how to support labour migrants and their families in converting their potential when they return home. The seminar was organised within the EU-funded “iMigrantArmenia.EU” project.

Capacities acquired through the training will enable the SEA specialists to support the creation of innovative business models and start-ups proposed by returning labour migrants in the two regions of Armenia that are in focus of the project: Aragatsotn and Shirak.

The training programme aimed at introducing the participants to the methodology and factors of participatory diagnosis and planning to enhance their capacity in coordinating and conducting meetings with project beneficiaries in the two regions.

The “iMigrantArmenia.EU” project aims to support Armenia’s labour migrants and their families to convert their potential into the creation of innovative business models and start-ups in their communities. It also aims to maximise the contribution of Armenian circular labour migrants to the development of their communities through the repatriation of skills, experiences and financial capital from the host country to their communities of return. The project also targets foreigners and Armenians abroad who are interested in investing in clusters, value chains and businesses in Armenia.

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