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Praha 2. 12. 2019 - Mladá fronta a.s., www.mf.cz, the oldest Czech publishing house, established some 75 years ago, currently faces a mafia-style attack aimed at forcing it into insolvency. The arms trader, Czechoslovak group a.s, which belongs to the Strnad family, is behind a mafia-style attack, the objective of which is to push us into insolvency proceedings, by means of fabricated, false claims.  This is a response of the Czechoslovak Group to investigative activities of the Mladá fronta journalists in the area of illegal export of weapons, endeavouring effectively to liquidate the publishing house.

The whole procedure bears signs of organised crime, with silent acquiescence of the relevant competent authorities of the State. A company closely related with the Czechoslovak Group is now enforcing non-existent claims against our publishing house. Unfortunately, the Court dealing with the case has publicly disclosed the insolvency proposal, although Mladá fronta in advance drew attention to the fact that the claims are completely false and fabricated. Of course, such as public disclosure of the insolvency proposal resulted in the fact that all of our employees, suppliers, and, what is more important, our clients, are quickly losing confidence and is consequence this situation is financially dramatically damaging.

Mladá fronta published articles on this malicious unfair practice of the Czechoslovak Group in its weekly publication, Euro, as well as on its website, www.euro.cz. We have addressed not only the machinations concerning military procurement, but we have also published articles on international money laundering or serious information on the supply of weapons to arms embargoed territories. All of the aforestated criminal activities are undertaken by the Czechoslovak Group and the Strnad family; moreover this structure has strong ties with Russia and is the largest backer of President Zeman´s election campaigns.

Criminal proceedings are currently ongoing with people suspected of murder of journalist Kuciak in the neighbouring Slovakia; in Malta there are strikes for resignation of Prime Minister Muscat in connection with the murder of journalist Galicia. Our company, which operates as one of the few independent ones in the Czech market faces paralysing efforts of an arms dealer who is closely connected to Russia. Throughout the world, all publishers must join together in a joint effort to widely publish such phenomena, so that readers worldwide become aware of the serious nature of the situation, to become aware and understand that without free media democracy will cease to exist.


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Mladá fronta a.s.