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Garo Tavitjan

Garo Tavitjan has become an artist of Vic Firth, one of the best companies in the world for the making of drumsticks. The world-renowned American company has a tradition of drumstick production spanning over 60 years.


Garo now has drumsticks with his signature on them. He has joined the ranks of Charlie Watts, the drummer and founding member of Rolling Stones, who also has signed drumsticks, Roger Taylor Medows, the drummer for Queen, Nicko Mc Brain, the drummer of Iron Mayden, Roger Taylor from Duran Duran and Dave Weckl of Chick Corea. Further Vic Firth company drummers also include Vinnie Colaiuta, the most recorded drummer in the world, who plays with Sting, Peter Gabriel and Frank Zappa, as well as Omar Hakim – the drummer of Miles Davis and Madona. The list also includes Billy Cobham and legendary Buddy Rich, the latter of whom is considered the greatest drummer in the world, with more than 25 million views per video.


Garo has also recorded a video for their official website, YouTube channel – which has over 450 000 subscribers worldwide – and Facebook page, with a following of over a million. The video, featuring his brother Diran Tavitjan, is for the company’s Spotlight series, where great drummers showcase their performances. Garo was invited to contribute to this collaboration after concert tours across the USA, UK, Germany, Norway, France, Italy, Poland, Armenia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bulgaria, where a concert was held at the Philharmonic Hall alongside the AGBU orchestra. He also went on a tour of several Asian countries.


He has recorded more than 63 albums and 15 projects with his Tavitjan Brothers group as well as solo projects and 20 official music videos. Garo is also a multi-award winner, having been bestowed with the European Ambassadors of Jazz Award along with his brother. In the meantime, a collaboration with Ford car company earnt him his branded car.


To date he has released over one million CD copies worldwide and contributed to music in many films and theatre productions. Together with Tavitjan Brothers, Garo sold out a concert at Carnegie Hall, as well as several concerts at the famous Blue Note, also in New York.


On the American tour, Garo collaborated with Grammy artists such as Morris Pleasure – the keyboardist and producer of Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind and Fire – the singer Roseanna Vitro, who is well known in the US and performed globally with Jazz Ambassadors and Miles Davis, as well as Rhani Krija, the percussionist for Prince and Sting.

 John Marshall, the band director of Ray Charles, WDR Big Band from Germany, Larry Monroe from Buddy Rich Big Band, Ron Savage, Lee Roy – producer of En Vogue – Holywood director Joe Bronzino, Dave Weckl, Fernando Saunders (Lou Reed), Andrea Palazzo (Raiuno) James and Nathan East from Four Play are also among many stars Garo collaborated with.

 Tavitjan Brothers were also part of the Tribute for Michael Jackson project created by Morris Pleasure for Verve Records, the label of composer David Foster. The group finished the recording of the audio and music video in Atlanta.





Tiran Tavitjan