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Deputy Varujan Vosganian has called in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies for "a political statement in Parliament for the recognition of the Armenian genocide," Agerpres reports.

Wednesday's statement by Varujan Vosganian was made during the debates at the Draft Law on the establishment of the National Museum of Jewish History and the Holocaust in Romania.
"We have a unanimous attitude of condemnation of the Holocaust. Please include on the agenda of the parties and a political statement in the Parliament for the recognition of the Armenian genocide. It is a topic that the Romanian parties have so far avoided taking into account. There are dozens of parliaments around the world, the European Parliament and all the parliaments in Europe that have made such declarations recognizing the Armenian genocide, "said the president of the Union of Armenians in Romania on Wednesday.
He said that no such tragedy "has a mother tongue."
"When we talk about a tragedy of this kind, we speak at the same time of all the tragedies of the world and no tragedy of this kind has a mother tongue. That is why I believe that the recognition of the Holocaust must be accompanied symmetrically by a political approach to the recognition of the Armenian genocide, which, even though it will not have a museum in Romania, because this genocide did not happen on the territory of Romania, but, on the contrary, the territory. Romania was a home for the survivors of the genocide, but it puts in front of us the idea, the challenge of equal treatment for all these traumas of humanity, "added Vosganian.