17 January, 2019
Կյանքը գնում է, ՕՐԵՐՆ են մնում     Život běží, DNY zůstávají.     Life passes, DAYS remain     Жизнь проходит, ДНИ остаются

“Episodes of Life” – Sculptor Gevorg Tadevosyan

27 August, 2018 | 11:06


In the heart of Yerevan, on the Moskovyan street in front of the entrance to café Santa Fe, on the initiative of “Antikyan Gallery” (Yerevan) was installed the sculptural trilogy “Episodes of Life” of sculptor Gevorg Tandevosyan.

“Episodes of Life” ­is a sculptural group consisting from three sculptures – “Cardiogram” (310x540x40), “Cycle” (400x260x40) and “Process” (340x110x40), made of bronze and iron by means of casting, welding and processing the surface using a variety of methods.

The “Cardiogram” is a spatial, zigzag composition with its upper points crowned with six sculptural figures of a loving couple, a flying man, a trumpet player, a dagger, a praying man (orant), and a thinker. The “Cycle” is a circular composition, with sculptural figures of a walking man and woman at the bottom and upper points of the inner and outer circles of its infinite outline. The “Process” is a rectangular vertical transparent composition, with a man walking on the pole in the middle of it. The same figure, but in the climbing position, is holding from the top and from the rope hanging from the pole. This way the author created the main figurative characteristics of human life: the curvature of the artery of human activity, the endless whirling rhythm of the human existence, the course of struggle for survival.

Gevorg Tadevosyan (b. 1985) is one of the most talented, professional and distinguished representatives of contemporary Armenian sculpture. The active creative work, his participation in various exhibitions, competitions and galleries, as well as a permanent development has brought certain maturity to Gevorg Tadevosyan’s talent. Based on the motives of his own inner world, the artist has formed his own unique signature, his rich artistic language in which the new forms and means of expression of the twentieth-century European sculpture and the traditions of Armenian medieval sculpture and those of the beginning of the twentieth-century have been united.

This conditioned the organic mix of materialism and formalism in Tadevosyan’s art, the playful juxtaposition of the dimensional and the linear, and most importantly, the indispensable link between content and form. The latter feature has always characterized the real masters of the craft and has always distinguished Tadevosyan’s works from other contemporary Armenian sculptors, whose art is dominated either by ideology or narrative or by new forms and expressions. The “Episodes of Life” sculptural trilogy condenses in itself the professional achievements of our contemporary, Tadevosyan the sculptor, his thoughts about human life in general and about our days in particular, considering the latter as a part of the united chain of the former.

Each of the compositions described above has its own concept and idea. At the same time, uniting in one common space and entirety, they have become the reflection of the integral parts of human life, raising issues that have always concerned humans. The author has used the best traits of his talent: his forms of human shapes are complete, they are solid, included in the uniform and balanced outlines, corresponding to their position, either with a lowered head or stubborn or contending… No part is crossing the limits of the outlined volumes; sometimes the figures do not even have the hands, which is not even noticed by the viewer. It rather conditions the figures’ inner force, the characteristic wholeness in the “Cycle” and “Process” compositions.

Together with those superplastic “monolithic” figures, in the “Cardiogram” one can see images incorporated into outlines breaking down in the space, whose current and perpetually repetitive features, rhythm and transience, are more emphasized in the transparent outline of cardiogram, and curved in the form of zigzag. The unique feature of Tadevosyan’s talent and professionalism, to combine the monument with space, to convey lightness to the complete shapes, incorporating them in the transparent outlines of many meanings, is fully expressed in the “Cycle” and “Process” compositions of the sculptural trilogy as well. Their swirling and rectangular frames, which seem to be very simple at the first glance, are a new trick, conveying important new meanings to the compositions of this complex: the circle makes the parallel movement of the man and the woman eternally recurring, while the rectangle restricts the human struggle for survival in a life’s recurring process.

It is worth mentioning the diversity of his characters as well as the diversity of their meanings. Each of them is an eternal character with its own sculptural form, iconography, characteristics and character, each of them is unique, devoid of materialism, and embodies a particular nature, while with its position in regard to others becomes a partial expression of human activity. They are characterized through the use of a variety of means of expression: here he has used the rich texture of the surface, patination, the richness of the round sculpture and its complete outline. As noted, the sculptor was able to unite the traditions of the European three-dimensional sculpture with the principles of the Armenian medieval relief sculpture in a unique way. He is deeply involved in graphics, which gave the author the chance to combine the plastic volumes with the outline in the most compelling way.

The current analysis indicates that the “Episodes of Life” sculptural group presented by Gevorg Tadevosyan is itself a new word in modern Armenian art. Being interrelated through its original style and profound content, it is interesting to the present-day man and is a significant contribution to contemporary sculpture.

Seyranush Manukyan

PhD in Arts,

Yerevan State University,

UNESCO Chair of Armenian Art History and Theory,

Senior Researcher, Institute of Art, NAS  RA


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