18 August, 2018
Կյանքը գնում է, ՕՐԵՐՆ են մնում     Život běží, DNY zůstávají.     Life passes, DAYS remain     Жизнь проходит, ДНИ остаются

The 23rd Euro-Armenian Games will take place in Vienna from 30 March-2 April 2018.

10 December, 2017 | 10:07

Dear Compatriots and Friends,


The Armenian Sports Association Ararat of Vienna has the pleasure to invite you to the 23rd Euro-Armenian Games, which will take place in Vienna from 30 March-2 April 2018.

The following games are planned at the tournament:

Futsal (Men/Women & Youngsters 11-14 years)

Volleyball (mix)

Basketball (Men/Women & Youngsters mix 11-14 years)

Table Tennis (Men/Women)

Badminton (Men/Women)

Chess (Men/Women, all ages)

Backgammon (Men/Women, all ages).

Attached you will find all the details and the registration form.

Registration forms should be sent to the following email address:


Further information will soon be available on the website of the Euro-Armenian

We welcome you with heartfelt joy at the Vienna 2018 Games.

Armenian Sports Association Ararat


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