23 July, 2018
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Concert dedicated to Centennial of Armenian Genocide held in Prague

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23 February, 2015 | 12:38

Haig VardanOn February 22, a concert dedicated to Centennial of Armenian Genocide was held at the hall of the Church of Prague Philharmonic.

The concert was organized by Embassy of Armenia in the Czech Republic and “ArmanV Art”company in cooperation with number of Swiss Armenians, “Atlantis Investment” Czech holding, Hotel “General” in Prague, Armenian Apostolic Church in the Czech Republic and Czech-Armenian Society.Members of the European Parliament, political, public and cultural figures, diplomats, journalists, representatives of Armenian community attended the concert.

In his welcoming remarks Ambassador of Armenia to Czech Republic Tigran Seiranian briefly presenting prehistory of Armenian Genocide, particularly, mentioned, “Bitter lessons of Armenian Genocide did not dissapear from universal history and memory – Holocaust, horrors of acts of genocide of Greeks and Assyrians, those in Rwanda and Darfur followed. Unfortunately, denial and rejection of genocide still persist in modern times. Political consideration and economic interest often outweigh in international politics. And denial and rejection inevitably lead to new acts of violence and crimes.”

During the concert, Philharmonic Orchestra named after great Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů performed three symphonies by Swiss Armenian composer Hayk Vardan. Afterwards, orchestra played “III Symphonia Requiescat 1915”, specially written for the Centennial. Director of the orchestra of Prague National Theater David Švec conducted the orchestra.

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