18 November, 2018
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Armenian Evening event held at Pisecka Brana Cultural Center in Prague

17 September, 2013 | 23:46

Vahe Varine 2PRAGUE- On September 17, an Armenian Evening event was held at Pisecka Brana Cultural Center in Prague as part of the events organized for the Seniors Club. The event began with welcoming remarks by head of Porte organization Vladana Ridlova, after which young Armenians Varine Mkrtchyan and Vahe Asatryan presented a series of informative films about Armenia and the Armenian people in order to help the attendees get an idea of where Armenia is located, the country’s language and culture, the famous Armenians and what Armenian institutions are based in the Czech Republic.

Petr AyebouaThe gathered were also greeted by Deputy Mayor of Prague 6, Petr Ayebua and Armenia’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic Tigran Seyranyan. Ayebua recalled his years in school where he learned about two sad events related to the Armenians. The first is the genocide that was perpetrated against the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and took the lives of 1.5 million Armenians, and the other is the 1988 earthquake, after which the Czechs extended a helping hand to the Armenians by gathering clothes and other accessories to send to Armenia.

Tigran SeyranianSpeaking in Czech, Ambassador Tigran Seyranyan welcomed such an initiative and expressed gratitude to the organizers, mentioning that Prague 6 is not only the place where the Armenian embassy is located, but the place where there are many Armenians. According to Seyranyan, such events will help bring the Czechs and Armenians closer together since the performers will also try to present Armenian culture. The Ambassador also voiced hope that Prague 6 and one of the districts of Yerevan would establish DSCF2530friendly relations in the future.

The Ambassador’s speech was followed by a performance of Komitas’s “Krunk” by Varine Mkrtchyan, as well as performances of Armenian psalms and parts Alvina 1from an Armenian liturgy by “Muzika Poetika” Choir. Singer Alvina Aghajanyan received warm rounds of applause for her performances of the Armenian songs “Mokats Harsner” and “Menk Enk Sarere Mer”. Afterwards, screenwriter, director Martin Mahdal presented the gathered with his visits to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh and talked not only about the customs of citizens of Yerevan today, but also “moved” to Gorois, “toured” the caves and told about the Tatev Tramway by providing interesting information. At the end, Varine Mkrtchyan surprised the audience with her performance of a Czech folk song.

muzika poetikaThe event was organized by PORTE NGO and ORER European independent magazine and was held under the high patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the Czech Republic and Prague 6 Municipality.

Translation by Armenpress


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