14 November, 2018
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The project “Summer Camp” in Hankavan

28 August, 2018 | 09:17


Within the frames of the Tekeyan Centre Fund’s project “Support to Armenian Schools”, 69 schoolchildren and their teachers from Armenia and Artsakh spent their summer holidays in “Aragats” camp located in the picturesque region of Hankavan.

It is the ninth year that the Fund has sponsored the project “Summer Camp” which mainly involves needy and excellent students. Since 2010 the total number of the project beneficiaries has been 614. The project enables schoolchildren to explore the beauty of Armenia and to visit its landmarks, to form friendship with other youth. The project “Summer Camp” also furthers our teenagers’ physical, moral and cultural development. It is an opportunity to educate the new generation and strengthen their young bodies, souls and minds.

This summer the natural beauty of the area and the warm welcome of the camp staff made an unforgettable summer experience for Tekeyan schoolchildren from Yerevan, Gyumri, Stepanavan, Karbi and Berdzor. They successfully integrated into the camp life with its morning exercises, line-up, sounds of the trumpet and marching that were a part of daily drills. Due to the efforts of the Tekeyan teachers and the camp staff, the eight-day program included a variety of educational, cultural and fun activities.

The children actively participated in sports competitions, intellectual quizzes and contests of knowledge, in national song and dance festival. The best performers were awarded certificates and cups. The campers also enjoyed walking tours and hiking to the mountains and caves.

The last day in the camp was also active and joyful; all the four Tekeyan schools arranged a farewell party with songs, dances, poetry reading, and jokes.

The evening concluded a traditional campfire, words of thanks and best wishes.

They left the camp with a hope that the TCF’s project “Summer Camp” which grants them deep knowledge, unforgettable memories and enjoyable vacation, will be realized again next year.



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