12 December, 2018
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EU joins international community in its support of electoral processes in Armenia

15 November, 2018 | 21:45

In response to a formal request from the Government of Armenia, the EU, as well as the governments of Member States Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden, agreed to provide electoral assistance in the holding of early parliamentary elections in Armenia on 9 December.

On 14 November, the document officially announcing the start of the project on electoral assistance to the country was signed in Yerevan. The project will be implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Armenia.

The project aims to assist the Armenian authorities in holding credible and transparent pre-term elections, as well as strengthen the capacities of the electoral management bodies in the country.

The project will help ensure the continued use of voter authentication devices introduced in the 2017 elections. It will support the live streaming of the polling and counting proceedings on election day by installing web cameras at approximately 1,500 of 2,000 electoral precincts.

It will also work to improve voter registration and education through assisting the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) in developing new training modules and updating the existing training materials. In addition, the project will work to raise awareness among women and young voters about the electoral process.

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