21 November, 2018
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Khachaturian Trio participated in celebration of 110th anniversary of Aram Khachaturian at Liechtenstein City Palace in Prague

17 November, 2013 | 15:01

praha trio despanPRAGUE- “The creations of Aram Khachaturian are a precious contribution to the world “database” of classical music”-this is what Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Armenia to the Czech Republic Tigran Seiranian said at the beginning of the concert dedicated to the 110th anniversary of world-renowned composer Aram Khachaturian at Liechtenstein City Palace in Prague. According to the Ambassador, Aram Khachaturian’s musical legacy helped make Armenian arts and culture popular around the world.

Praha despan namakThe Ambassador’s speech was followed by performances by members of the Khachaturian Trio, including recipient of international awards, Professor of Komitas State Conservatory, Director of the Home-Museum of Aram Khachaturian, famous pianist Armine Grigoryan; recipient of international awards, former member of Spivakov’s Virtuosos of Moscow Orchestra, famous violinist Karen Shahgaldyan and co-founder of the Trio, second concertmaster of the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, famous cellist Karen Kocharyan.

The first part of the concert included performances of the works of Rachmaninoff and Dvorzhak, followed by the famous works of Arno Babajanyan and Aram Khachaturian in the second part. Each performance was followed by warm rounds of applause from the Praha trio 1audience. High-ranking officials of the Czech presidential apparatus and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Members of Parliament and the Senate, representatives of the diplomatic corpus, as well as artists, musicians and representatives of the Armenian community honored the concert with their presence.

After the magnificent performances of Khachaturian’s music, Armenia’s Ambassador came up to the stage and surprised Director of Aram Khachaturian’s Home-Museum Armine Grigoryan by presenting her with a letter in Armenian that Aram Khachaturian had written to screenwriter Hayk Martirosyan’s father, Oriental studies expert Nshan Martirosyan in Prague in 1947, which was printed in Orer magazine on the occasion of the great composer’s 100th anniversary in 2002 and had been kept in the magazine’s Praha trio dahlicharchives.

Screenwriter Hayk Martirosyan also attended the meeting.

The concert dedicated to Khachaturian, which was organized with support from the RA Ministry of Culture, the RA Embassy and more than a dozen businessmen, ended with a festive reception, and Advisor of the RA Embassy in the Czech Republic Nune xachatryan MahdalZastukhova deserves special gratitude for her efforts to help make this event possible.

Hakob Asatryan, Prague

Photos by Orer, the RA Embassy and Martin Mahdal


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